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Papa-Mama Summit 2021: Convinced by Both of Us! Building a life of

On November 28, 2021, “Papa-Mama Summit 2021 Futari de Futari de Consensus: Building a Better Life for Women in Japan”, a women’s activity promotion project for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013, was held via a live Zoom webinar! Building a Better Life Together” was held on November 28, 2021, via a live Zoom webinar.
Through the panelists’ discussion, couples will consider together how they can mutually agree on the division of housework and childcare roles, etc., and how they can cooperate in their lives.

Moderator and panelist: Sayaka Kano (child-rearing advisor and writer)
Panelist: Soun Takeda (Calligrapher)
Kenjiro Takahashi, Reporter, The Asahi Shimbun

This video is a recording of a seminar held on November 28, 2021.