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About the website "TEAM Housework & Childcare"

In order to eliminate the stereotyped notion of gender roles, such as “men do the work and women do the housework,” and to encourage women to choose diverse lifestyles, such as playing an active role in society at large, it is necessary for men to be more involved in housework and childcare than ever before.

 The website ” TEAM Housework & Childcare” will provide a variety of information and advice to change the way people think about housework and childcare as a “TEAM”.

Contents of the Web site “TEAM Housework & Childcare”

  • Couple
    Communicate with married couples and share housework and childcare.
  • Company
    Promoting “childcare leave” and creating an atmosphere in the workplace for corporate executives, managers, human resources personnel, etc.
  • Everyone
    Providing an opportunity for men, women, youth, and seniors of all ages to tackle housework and childcare as a “TEAM” through the use of illustrations and videos.
  • Father
    Provides useful information for men and pre-dads raising children, including know-how on housework and childcare, childcare manga, etc.
  • Video
    Aggregates and posts popular videos from the site