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Special project for the childcare industry
A four-frame comic strip about the “unconscious assumptions” based on gender that lurk in various aspects of child-rearing.

  As a special project for child-rearing, we have created a cartoon of five episodes hidden in various aspects of child-rearing, such as changing diapers, making lunch boxes, and so on.

Once you realize your “beliefs,” your future could change!

Table of Contents

1. whose job is it to change diapers?


2. who is in charge of raising children?


3. is it mom’s job to make lunch boxes?



4. childcare is no match for mom?




5. is the childcare business a woman’s business?


After working for a design company in Tokyo, he became a freelance illustrator. He is a hard-working father who produces animation, manga, and illustrations, including winning the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival’s International Short Film Showcase Division Excellence in Animation Award.

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