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Educational event to promote men’s participation in housework and childcare
Tokyo Metropolitan Government “Gender Equality Night” was held!


 On Tuesday, August23, 2022, “Gender Equality Night” was held at the Tokyo Yakult Swallows game (against the Hiroshima Toyo Carp at Jingu Stadium) as a public awareness event to encourage men to participate in housework and childcare.


 At a special booth set up in front of the main entrance, visitors who solve a “riddle” about unconscious assumptions based on gender will be entered into a drawing to win a special magnet clip and goods signed by Tsubakuro & Tsubami, the official mascots of the Yakult Swallows!

 Illustrated handbags were also given to visitors on a first-come, first-served basis.

(While challenging “riddles,” you may also become aware of “unconscious assumptions” based on your gender.)

(Tsubakuro and Tsubami also wore ” TEAM Housework & Childcare” and “Gender Equal Opportunity” aprons to promote sharing and cooperation in housework and childcare!)


 The first pitch was thrown by Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike! The audience was excited before the game.

 Governor Koike added, “I would like to change the term ‘childcare leave’ to ‘childcare work’ and change the mindset so that everyone can create a family. I would like to continue to create a movement in which men and women can make use of their abilities regardless of disabilities. I would like to continue to create a movement in which men and women, with or without disabilities, can make the most of their abilities.