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Knowing is good! Make your life easier! Childcare Techniques for Everyone
~Lifehacks [Childcare] ~.

 You want to be more efficient in both housework and parenting! It doesn’t hurt to know the techniques to make interactions with children that don’t go as smoothly as you’d like! So, here are some techniques and little tricks = life hacks that moms and dads are actually using.
 This time, we’ll be looking at “Childcare” (click here for the “Housework” section). ( Click here for the “Housework” section . ) We have gathered simple things that can be tried immediately by parents who are struggling with childcare or who are flustered by their children’s unexpected behavior! We will again share them in order of recommendation, so please refer to them.
<Article by Joji Sugiyama (Editor-in-Chief of “Papa Shirube”) Supervision by Yasuhiro Kozaki (Professor at Osaka Kyoiku University)

<Lifehacks for Parenting: Parent-Child Communication

1 Navigate your child through the morning preparations with illustrations!

I draw and post an illustration of the child’s preparation steps, and when I ask, “What’s next?” I ask them, “Dressing! or “Brushing teeth! This is a lifehack that allows children to make their own moves, such as changing clothes, brushing teeth, and so on. This is a very effective method because many children understand pictures better than words. This is also a way to nurture their independence by thinking and acting on their own.

Clip art of getting ready in the morning

2 “I want mommy!” When he cries, “I want mommy, too!

This is a good return! With this one word, we seem to become like-minded friends all at once. For fathers who feel that their children have taken their mothers away from them since the birth of their children, perhaps this is a truth that is hard to say.

3 Tips for getting children to clean up

When not cleaning up, the technique is that if an adult starts first and is having trouble saying, “What should I do…I can’t do it right,” the child will help. This is good because children love to help someone and be appreciated! Don’t forget to say “thank you” when they help you. You will also develop the habit of helping those in need.

tidying up

4 “Buy it!” If they insist…

When they insist, I say, “What about that one? How about this too? This is a lifehack that can help the child to calm down and not buy the item. This is a very good response because it is important to accept the child’s feelings rather than deny them out of hand.

5 A little creative with your voice! When you want them to stop running around

Can you run slower than you walk?” The life hack is to say, “Yes,” and it will be nice and fast. I highly recommend this way of saying things, because children often act more honestly when you clearly tell them what you want them to do, rather than telling them what they should not do.

6 When in a bad mood, communicate with stuffed animals

Children are immature in controlling their emotions and have difficulty switching from one mood to another. At such times, it is important for adults to successfully change the mood and refresh them. A child’s favorite stuffed animal can be a good opportunity to put them in the right mood.

stuffed toy

7 Go to the bath with a roller coaster feeling!

When he won’t take a bath, I pretend to be an amusement park staff member and say, “Sir, welcome to Papa’s Roller Coaster! How would you like to take a ride on the roller coaster to the bath now?” How would you like to play on the roller coaster going to the bath now? What a wonderful invitation! For children, life is all about play, so it is important for adults to be playful and have fun with their children.

Now, followed by life hacks for childcare in general.

<Lifehacks for Raising Children: General Childcare>.

1 Squatting with a hold up is a quick and easy way to goof off.

A bedtime life hack that we all struggle with. The up-and-down motion of squats lulls kids to sleep. If dad’s muscles and core can be strengthened as the child grows, you can kill two birds with one stone! But be very careful not to drop them.

2 What to do if he won’t stop crying! Try putting a toy on his head.

Childcare workers often use this technique. It can be anything other than a toy, even a handkerchief; just having something on your head is an interesting event for the child. And it is also amusing to see it turn out just as you thought it was going to fall off. It is also interesting to see it happen just as you expect it to happen. The child feels a sense of relief and enjoyment when something happens exactly as he or she expects. Let them do it as many times as they want.

3 Balloons for play with children!

Balloons are the best item to play with with zero technique. Just inflate and pop them, and your kids will laugh endlessly. The variations are endless, such as popping them, hitting them, and changing their size. It is a recommended item to always have on hand.

4 Spilling a drink = “experimenting with liquids” is considered

It can be frustrating to get frustrated with a child who can’t do anything right. Even the slightest mistake by a child, such as a “spill,” can be viewed from a different perspective. Not being blamed more than necessary will help them grow up in a relaxed and carefree manner. Parents should also try to make a good effort to change their minds!

Experiments with liquids

5 Reading a picture book from the end that you have grown tired of, you can enjoy it again!

For young children, there is no concept that picture books are to be read in order from the beginning. Even if you have read a picture book many times, just by changing the order of the pages, you can make it look fresh. Let’s try to enjoy a book in different ways!

6 Write down misspoken words, and later, you’ll be hopped up.

As cuteness is updated one after another, it is easy to forget how cute they used to be. That is why it is important to keep a record of your child’s growth as much as possible, whether in the form of notes, videos, or photos. It is also important for children themselves to look back on past memories, and by feeling that they were cared for, they can expect to develop a sense of self-esteem.


How was it? Was there anything you found helpful or would like to try?

Since each child is unique, the methods we have described may not always work, but the point is to make it fun and change the atmosphere of the place. If adults can create a good atmosphere, the fun time will surely increase. There are many hardships involved in raising children, but if you have the chance, enjoy the limited time you have with your children in a positive way!


Article: Keiji Sugiyama
Editor-in-Chief of “Papa Shirube,” a child-rearing portal site
Member of Fathering Japan. Concurrently a househusband broadcaster (affiliated with Chez Osugi Co., Ltd.).
As a stay-at-home mom raising two daughters, 18 and 10 years apart in age, she is in charge of composing information and child-rearing programs, mainly for FM radio. He writes for web media related to child-rearing, and holds numerous seminars and lectures throughout Japan.

Yasuhiro Kozaki

Supervision: Yasuhiro Kozaki
Professor, Department of Home Economics Education, School Teacher Training Course (Childcare), Faculty of Education, Osaka Kyoiku University
Principal, Osaka Kyoiku University Tennoji Elementary School
In 1997, she completed the Graduate School of Clinical Education at Mukogawa Women’s University, and in 2009, she withdrew from the Doctoral Program of the Graduate School of Human Welfare at Kwansei Gakuin University. After retiring from City Hall, she worked at Kobe Tokiwa University before assuming her current position. Specializes in “childcare studies,” “child welfare,” “childcare support,” and “father support. She has written numerous books on child rearing.