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Knowing is good! Make your life easier! Everyone’s Housework Techniques
~Lifehacks [Housework] ~.

 We want to be more efficient in both housework and childcare! To make the most of our limited time, we want to know many shortening techniques. Here, we would like to introduce some techniques and little tricks (life hacks) that moms and dads are actually using.
 This time, we will focus on “Housework” (click here for “Childcare”). ( Click here for the “Childcare” section . ) The following are easy to try, even for those who are not good at housework or those who usually leave it to their partners. We will provide our recommendations in order of preference, so please take a look.
<Article by: Joji Sugiyama (Editor-in-Chief of “Papa Shirube”) Supervision by: Yuko Kumei (Housework Therapist)

<Life hacks for laundry & cleaning

1 Add one dry bath towel to save time!

When running the dryer, adding a dry towel lowers the humidity in the cabinet, making it easier to dry. This saves time and electricity, killing two birds with one stone. By the way, when dehydrating shoes, you can also wrap a dry towel around them and spin them in the dryer to improve the dehydration effect.

Clip art of dryer

2 Aluminum foil to prevent slime!

Placing a fluffy roll of aluminum foil in the sink drain prevents the aluminum from getting soggy due to the metallic ions that are released when the aluminum gets wet. This is a recommended technique because smears can cause odors.

drainage port

3 When turning on the bathroom exhaust fan, do not “open” the window.

In many cases, there is a window near the exhaust fan. If the window is opened when the exhaust fan is turned on, only the air around the window is circulated, which can make drying difficult. By turning on the exhaust fan with the window closed, air is circulated throughout the bathroom for efficient ventilation.

4 Just leave it on overnight! Easy bath cleaning with baking soda

This lifehack says, “If you put baking soda in the leftover bath water and soak a hand tub or something in it, the next morning the stains will come off easily. Baking soda is effective in removing stains caused by acidic grease and sebum. It also has a deodorizing effect, so it is recommended to sprinkle it directly on food scraps and other items whose odor is bothersome.

5 “Citric acid wrap” for water stains on mirrors

Citric acid is ideal for neutralizing alkaline water stains. Dissolve it in water, spray it on the mirror, and wrap the mirror with plastic wrap for 30 minutes to an hour for best results. If the water stain is stubborn, you can rub the mirror with plastic wrap as a finishing touch; plastic wrap is soft and will not damage the mirror’s glass surface.

Baking soda and citric acid are also used for cooking and are safe for families with babies who put everything in their mouths. However, please read the usage and precautions of the products carefully before use.

6 A used stocking is used to round up all the dust!

Stockings are very useful for attracting and catching fine dust because they are prone to static electricity! The effect is similar to that of a microfiber rag. By the way, Ms. Kumei, who supervises this product, puts stockings or socks with holes in them at the entrance, and uses them to remove dust and simple dirt before leaving the house.

7 Unexpected effects of robotic vacuum cleaners!

A father commented, “Buying a robot vacuum cleaner makes cleaning easier, but more importantly, it gets me in the habit of not putting things on the floor and makes my house tidier. Buying an expensive robot vacuum cleaner seems to be a good opportunity to change my habits because I want it to work well.

Clip art of vacuum cleaner

Now, let’s move on to the culinary section!

<Cooking-related lifehacks

1 Freeze carbonated juice for ice cream!

With non-carbonated juice, it will be crumbly, but with carbonation, it will be like sorbet, making it delicious and easy to eat. We also recommend mixing carbonated and 100% juice in a 1:1 ratio. Liquids increase in volume when frozen, so do not use plastic bottles or airtight containers; instead, remove the lid and cover with plastic wrap.

2 Corn is microwaved with the skin on.

Corn is in season in summer. Microwaving the corn with the skin still on gives it a steamed look without losing too much water. Boiling corn takes time to boil water and makes the room hot during high temperatures, so using the microwave makes it much easier. Nutrients do not escape either.

3 Seasoning is completed with 1:1 soy sauce and mirin + sesame oil!

A delicious teriyaki sauce can be made with soy sauce and mirin alone. The aroma of sesame oil will also increase your appetite. It also goes well with vegetables, and a recipe called “Mugen Piman” (infinite green peppers), which is made by mixing this sauce with lentil peppers and adding dried bonito flakes, has become a hot topic of conversation. It is also delicious with tuna, and goes well with fish paste such as chikuwa.

4 Wipe before washing to make dish washing easier!

You should definitely do this when you have a greasy stain that is difficult to wash, such as curry or meat sauce dishes/pans. Wipe it off with a tissue or kitchen paper before washing, so the sponge will not get dirty! A dirty sponge won’t be able to wash other dishes cleanly, which is a genteel way to go. Also, remember that grease stains can stick not only to other dishes but also to the drain, which can cause clogging!

Dirt wiping

5 “Nori-ben” that does not peel off easily

Finally, we also introduce a slightly more advanced lifehack: cutting the nori into small pieces before applying it with soy sauce. If you put the nori on top of the rice in a sticky way, you will be sad to lose all the nori in the first bite, and it is hard to get the chopsticks into the rice. It takes a little more time and effort, but it is a gentle life hack that is considerate of the people who eat it.

one's fare

How was it? Was there anything you found helpful or would like to try?

Household chores will accumulate if they are not done, so we want to get them done in a jiffy if possible. Let’s use convenient techniques as much as possible! Next time, we will bring you the “Childcare” section!


Photo by Joshi Sugiyama

Article: Keiji Sugiyama
Editor-in-chief of the parenting portal site “Papa Shirube.
Member of Fathering Japan. Concurrently a househusband broadcaster (affiliated with Chez Osugi Co., Ltd.).
As a stay-at-home mom raising two daughters, 18 and 10 years apart in age, she is in charge of composing information and child-rearing programs, mainly for FM radio. He writes for web media related to child-rearing, and holds numerous seminars and lectures throughout Japan.

Yuko Kumei (Housework Therapist)

Supervisor: Yuko Kumei (Housework Therapist)
Home to work Representative
GCS Certified Coach, National Environmental Counselor, 1st Class Housework Therapist, HOCORU Baby Therapist
As a “lifestyle professional” who knows various examples of housework and childcare, he holds various lecture courses and workshops on housework and childcare throughout Japan. She established Home to Work based on the principle of “If the home grows, the work grows,” and has been developing corporate training programs such as “work-life enrichment training” and “childcare leave training” with companies to increase employee happiness and improve business performance.