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LINE Stamps as a Conversation Starter
Marital Communication with popular creator “Tsumupapa”.

Tsumupapa's Photo

 Tsumupappa” is a widely popular creator, especially among people of child-rearing age, who expresses her casual daily life with her family through her heartwarming illustrations on Instagram. We interviewed Tsumupappa about her thoughts behind the “easy-to-use” LINE stamps she created in collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for use in housework and childcare, as well as what she values in her daily communication with her husband and wife.


LINE Stamps


The stamp was created from 3,349 ideas!

-What do you think of the 3,349 ideas that were submitted for the stamp production?

 That’s how many have come in, that’s great! But I was a little worried about how to summarize more than 3,300 ideas into eight. As I looked at the ideas, there were many that I sympathized with, saying, “I see. I felt that there are a lot of things that people haven’t been able to say. I think it would be best if we could say it out loud, but there are times when we are physically unable to be together, and even when we are together, I think couples gradually stop saying it or find it difficult to say it. I would be happy if you could use this stamp as a cushion in such situations. I also think it is wonderful that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is proactively implementing this kind of initiative.

Photos by Tsumupapa reading the submitted ideas.

Tsumupapa reading the submitted ideas

Lack of Communication Causing Fights? Let’s show our appreciation for “the chore with no name.”

–Are there things that you feel are challenges in your communication as a father and husband on a regular basis?

 I imagine that many dads and moms have an overwhelming lack of communication. With a lack of communication, they unconsciously think that they “get it” and suddenly realize that their perception is off. Then it becomes the cause of fights or a bad family atmosphere. This happens sometimes in my family, too, and it makes me realize how important it is to have conversations with each other on a regular basis. Therefore, I think it is very important to properly express our daily gratitude to each other so that we don’t take it for granted that we are doing each other’s work.

 You know that function that automatically makes ice in the freezer? Even though it is automatic, you still have to add water to the freezer to make ice. In our house, I refill the water every time. Whenever I suddenly think, “What’s that? I wondered, “Could it be that people think the water is automatically coming out of the freezer? I thought to myself. I wondered if they didn’t think anything of the fact that I was filling it with water. On the other hand, I realized that there are many things that I take for granted. I would like to actively say “Thank you” and “I appreciate you every day” for the things I have not been able to say thank you for.


–refilling the water in the ice machine, a true “household chore with no name”. Do you have any other episodes?

 Until now, I had no idea what was in the refrigerator, but now that I make my children’s lunches, I can tell when we are running low on eggs, milk, etc. I buy what I need on my way home from work, and I realize that my wife has been doing this for me all this time. I buy what I need on my way home from work, and I realized that my wife had been doing it for me all this time. Sometimes we both shop at the same time, and I can’t drink this much milk or eggs! (laugh), but it is a “household chore without a name” that I realized through making lunch boxes.

Photo of Papa Piling creating stamps.

Tsumupappa-san at work on a stamp

Stamps are a “step” to help communication

–What were some of the key points you considered when creating the stamps?

 We wanted to make it easy for both moms and dads to use. I think that having children and cats like Tsumugi, Nao, and Hajime made it easier to say things that are difficult to say and easier to use. Since there are many mothers in my company, I asked everyone for their opinions and asked them, “Which stamps would you like to use? I asked them which stamps they would like to use.
All of the stamps we have made this time are selections that we would use between us as a couple, and I like them all. I hope that the stamps will serve as a first step in making it easier to type further messages and to have conversations between couples.


–Tsumupapa, which stamp is your favorite or the one you’re most likely to use?

 If I had to pick one, “I’m sleeping” is my favorite. It looks like something my wife would use, and I can imagine her using it (laughs). I think “I’m on my way home now” is a stamp I would like to use, since I am always texting. I try to say “Thank you for everything,” but I think a stamp would make it easier to convey my feelings.


Send out a “HELP” for situations you want noticed.

–What about the “HELP” stamps that were requested by moms?

 If you get a “HELP” stamp, I think it’s a pretty serious situation. If it was sent to me, I would say, “Are you okay? I’m going home early today.” I’m in a hurry. Now that my children are 4 and 7 years old, the peak has passed, but two years ago, I think the situation would have been really “HELP! I think the hardest thing is that they don’t understand how difficult the situation is. Of course it is a blessing to be able to be with your children, but when you are dealing with them all the time, every day, it can be very stressful. But when you have to be with your child all the time, it can be very stressful. A “Thank you for everything” or “Are you tired? So, if you receive a “Help” message and are aware of Mom’s situation, I would like you to show that you understand. The situation may not change, but the mom may feel better just because the dad understands.


“A Day of Gratitude” and a stamp to show how you feel!

–Finally, do you have a message for moms and dads?

 What I actually do and recommend is to create a “day of gratitude”. In my family, every Thursday, we gather around the dinner table and I say a few words of thanks to everyone. By making it a rule, I can say thank yous that I wouldn’t otherwise be conscious of or that I would be embarrassed to say. For example, I say to my child, “Naokun, thank you for helping me put on my shoes by myself,” or to my mom, “Thank you for watching over my child even though I usually come home late.

 However, circumstances differ from family to family, and I think there are times when it is not possible to create such opportunities. In such cases, I hope that you can make good use of this stamp. Expressing gratitude on a daily basis makes couples get along better, and a good marriage is also important in raising children. I would be happy if this stamp can lower the hurdle for everyone to express their feelings, just as “Thanks Day” did for me.



The stamp can be downloaded free of charge by anyone from December 25, 2023 to March 17, 2024 from the following

Download URL: https://line.me/S/sticker/30073

QR Code :


Clip art of Tsumupapa


 Tsumupappa lives with her family: Tsumugi, who loves bread; Nao, who loves cars and trains; Mama; and Hajime, a cat. Tsumupapa is a creator who is widely popular among people of child-rearing age for her warm illustrations on Instagram of her casual daily life with her family.

 Her favorite things are old furniture and DIY, and she also makes furniture for her home and Tsumupapa’s toys. Tsumupapa has 840,000 Instagram account followers (as of December 2023).



Tsumupapa official website: https://tsumupapa.tokyo/
Tsumupapa’s official Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/tsumugitopan/
Tsumupapa official Tiktok : https://www.tiktok.com/@tsumugitopan
Tsumupapa staff Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/tsumupapa_offi cial/
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