Part 16: (Interview) Leveraging Resources and Forming “Team Our House

 How to promote men’s participation in housework and childcare? How to design the future of the family? The Tokyo Metropolitan Government hosted the “TOKYO Conference for Women to Shine – Changing Workplaces! Change the consciousness! ~When we asked Ms. Kaori Hayashida, representative of Wanda Life LLP, who served as moderator at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government-sponsored “Papa’s Style: […]

Part 14: (Interview) Learning words and expanding interest through reading to children

  Reading picture books to children is a fun time for both parents and children, but what does it mean for children’s development? We asked Shoko Nozawa, an associate professor at the University of Tokyo’s Center for Developmental Childcare Practice and Policy Studies, who specializes in developmental psychology and childcare studies and has conducted research […]

Part 10: (Interview) Learn about changing parenting norms and fill in the gaps!

  When working with grandparents to raise children, you may be confused by the differences in their methods. This is due to the fact that what was considered common sense when grandparents were raising their children has changed in response to new research findings. So what has changed? We spoke with Yasumi Morito, a pediatrician […]

Part 9: (Interview) Send Your Kids Out to the Community if You Want to Raise Them Strong

  What effect does growing up involved with the community have on a child’s development? We spoke with Kenichiro Watanabe, a professor at Nihon Fukushi University and author of numerous books on community child-rearing support. It is a human characteristic that non-parents raise children.  Before considering the importance of community child care, it is important […]