Men’s “entry into the home” is good for both the family and society!<br> Shintaro Yamaguchi, author of “The Economics of Family Happiness,” explains.

 Although the percentage of men taking childcare leave has been increasing every year, it is still low compared to that of women. It is an essential theme for the future of society that men take childcare leave and actively participate in housework and childcare, i.e., “advance into the home. Shintaro Yamaguchi, a professor at the […]

Interview] Mr. Kenshi Suzuki<br>Why is it that men’s participation in housework and childcare has not progressed? Key Points for Mindset Change Learned from Sweden, a Country with Advanced Gender Equality

 Gender equality is one of the cornerstones of Swedish society. It also has an extensive system that makes it easier to take childcare leave, and is ranked within the top four in the world in the “Gender Gap Index Ranking” published by the World Economic Forum. We interviewed Mr. Kenshi Suzuki, who lived in Sweden […]