[The real voices of mothers! This is how to solve the problems of housework and childcare.<br>Vol.3 What’s Hard When Your Child Enters Elementary School? Troubles of Elementary School Moms


 Mam Smile, winner of the 2022 Tokyo Metropolitan Women’s Activity Promotion Grand Prize, is an organization that promotes mothers’ reintegration into society and community revitalization through the production of the free childcare information magazine ” Itabashina.  This issue is a special project by Mam Smile! We will be presenting the real voices of mothers we […]

Entertainment for childcare! Angie’s Yamane talks about raising children

 Yoshiaki Yamane of Angels became a father of one child in 2015. He is also a certified child counselor*, and his natural child-rearing style, which he shares on social networking sites and his blog, has attracted a lot of sympathy. We asked him about the joys and hardships of raising a child, as well as […]

Free yourself from the unconscious bias that “parenting is a woman’s job.”<br> ~Rie Yamaguchi, a post-maternity leave consultant, gives a shout-out to working mothers.

 Unconscious bias is an “unconscious belief” that we hold unknowingly. It lurks in every aspect of our daily lives, including at work and at home. We interviewed Ms. Rie Yamaguchi, who took childcare leave twice while working for a company and has since left the company to support working mothers and fathers as a post-childcare […]

Worried about loss of income after taking childcare leave?<br>Benefits and exemptions cover about 80% of take-home pay before absence from work.

Did you know? Financial Assistance During Parental Leave  When taking childcare leave, one of the main concerns is money. Some may worry that their income will decrease and their family finances will become more difficult….  In this issue, Kenji Kaneko, a financial planner, explains the benefits during childcare leave and the treatment of social insurance […]

Special project for the childcare industry<br>A four-frame comic strip about the “unconscious assumptions” based on gender that lurk in various aspects of child-rearing.

  As a special project for child-rearing, we have created a cartoon of five episodes hidden in various aspects of child-rearing, such as changing diapers, making lunch boxes, and so on. Once you realize your “beliefs,” your future could change! Table of Contents 1. whose job is it to change diapers? 2. who is in charge […]